UL Solutions Obtains Consent Decree

    Image: lexiconimages | Adobe Stock

    UL Solutions obtained a consent decree against two companies selling vaporizer devices with unauthorized UL Marks, reports PR Newswire. Arizer, a manufacturer of vaping devices, and Greenlane Holdings, a distributor of vaping devices, both stipulated to a consent decree, permanent injunction and judgment of $2.2 million as part of a settlement of UL Solutions’ claims against them for trademark counterfeiting and false advertising in the Northern District of Illinois.

    These consent decrees are part of a years-long effort by UL Solutions to deter vaping devices with counterfeit UL Marks from entering the marketplace. In 2019, UL Solutions brought its first suit against several manufacturers and distributors of these devices, including Kandy Pens and AFG Distribution. This case also ended with a consent decree, permanent injunction and judgment.

    UL 8139, Standard for Electrical Systems of Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Devices, was published in 2018. The UL 8139 safety standard is used to evaluate these products’ electrical, heating, battery and charging systems.

    While compliance with UL 8139 is voluntary, over 35 manufacturers now have their vaporizer devices certified to this standard. Manufacturers that achieve UL certification have made the choice to put their products through the certification testing process, demonstrating their commitment to preventing serious injuries from lithium-ion battery fires and explosions.

    With the increasing adoption of UL 8139 across the industry, some manufacturers applied counterfeits of the UL Mark to their products or packaging.

    “Our investment in deterring counterfeiting delivers tangible value to our customers,” said Tammi Burke, director of customer marketing at UL Solutions. “Our customers invest heavily in designing and manufacturing their products to meet the requirements for UL certification. Only those companies that have earned our certification have the right to benefit from using the UL Mark. Counterfeiters of the UL Mark unfairly compete in the marketplace and claim an achievement they have not legitimately earned.”

    “UL Marks appear on billions of products globally to demonstrate that these products meet scientific safety, performance or sustainability standards,” said Jackie McLaughlin, executive vice president and chief legal officer at UL Solutions. “To help safeguard the integrity of the UL Mark, we are committed to protecting our brand and taking on counterfeiters where necessary to protect the public and help fulfill our mission of working for a safer world. We applaud this decision by the Northern District of Illinois as it will help ensure the UL Mark remains a symbol of trust to the public.”