• April 19, 2024

22nd Century Signs Deal with Old Pal

 22nd Century Signs Deal with Old Pal
Image: Tobacco Reporter archive

22nd Century announced its second exclusive license, manufacturing and distribution agreement in the hemp/cannabis industry, signed with Old Pal, a consumer company started in California and now operating in eight U.S. states.

“Old Pal is the second leading consumer hemp/cannabis brand to adopt 22nd Century’s innovative strategic license, manufacturing and distribution agreement. This model enables brands to focus on product development, customer engagement and marketing while we provide expansive access to mass market channels urgently seeking new, high-margin, high-velocity products to meet growing consumer demand,” said James A. Mish, CEO of 22nd Century.

Initially launched in California in 2018, Old Pal gained recognition for its nostalgic branding. In addition, Old Pal’s continuously growing line of apparel, accessories and home goods has firmly established it as a prominent cultural figure in the world of cannabis, according to 22nd Century.

The exclusive license with 22nd Century covers Old Pal branded non-delta-9 THC, hemp-derived cannabinoid consumer products and accessories. Similar to 22nd Century’s first single-source integrated production, sales and distribution agreement in hemp/cannabis, signed with Cookies, the Old Pal agreement will leverage 22nd Century’s formulation, ingredient and manufacturing infrastructure plus the company’s turn-key sales and distribution platform for alternative consumer products in a complete go-to-market solution.

Combined, the company estimates that its agreements with Cookies and Old Pal represent more than $140 million in revenue opportunity with attractive margins over the terms of the contracts. 22nd Century is now advancing its initial mass market retail efforts for these products across the United States, leveraging a network of more than 200 wholesale distributors. The company continues to pursue additional exclusive license opportunities with industry brands interested in its innovative integrated solution.