• July 12, 2024

Pakistan Expects Tax Hike to Boost Revenue

 Pakistan Expects Tax Hike to Boost Revenue
Image: Tobacco Reporter archive

Pakistan’s government expects to collect PKR60 billion ($211.42 million) in additional revenue after increasing the federal excise duty on tobacco products, reports the Pakistan Observer.

The government dismissed concerns about black market sales.

The multinational tobacco industry has incorrectly claimed that illicit cigarettes make up 40 percent of the market, according to the government, which cited independent studies showing that illicit products only account for 18 percent of the market.

According to the Pakistan Observer, the industry is overstating the volume of illegal sales to put pressure on the government following the tax increase.

The implementation of a track-and-trace system has helped decrease illicit products, according to Malik Imran, country head of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. “Tentatively, we can say the volume is now negligible,” he said.