• April 21, 2024

CVA Says Flavors Not Cause of Youth Vaping

 CVA Says Flavors Not Cause of Youth Vaping
Image: Tobacco Reporter archive

Recent claims by health advocates blaming flavored e-cigarettes for the rise in youth vaping are unfounded and lack proper context, according to the Canadian Vaping Association (CVA). The real issue, according to the advocacy group, is the lack of enforcement of the illicit trade and individuals buying for minors.

“The CVA stands by its position that flavors are not the cause of youth vaping,” the CVA wrote in a statement. “The problem is the sale of vaping products to minors through the black market and straw sale. The industry has taken a proactive approach by implementing stringent age verification measures for our membership and [is] actively working with law enforcement to prevent such sales.”

“I will be reaching out to all the health advocacy groups to extend an invitation to form a working group. Our intention is to work together to address these complex issues and find practical and enforceable solutions. Canadians deserve to have all stakeholders working together for the betterment of public health,” said Darryl Tempest, government relations counsel to the CVA board.

The CVA believes that policies must be evidence based and consider the interests of all stakeholders. The CVA encourages health organizations to work with industry leaders and regulatory bodies to find common sense policies that will protect youth while supporting the health outcomes of adults battling addiction.