• April 18, 2024

Geneva to Ban Smoking in Some Outdoor Areas

 Geneva to Ban Smoking in Some Outdoor Areas
Image: Tobacco Reporter archive

Smoking will be banned in some outdoor public locations in Geneva beginning June 1, reports SWI. Bus stops, playgrounds and outside of schools are included in the ban.

The government has modified the law to create “healthy outdoor environments that are smoke-free.” 

Under the law, smoking will be banned within a 9 meter perimeter of playgrounds, schools and day care centers, and smoking zones will be created at least 9 meters from outdoor swimming pools. Smoking will be completely banned at local bus stops.  

Geneva Parliament agreed to the change in January 2022. Those caught breaking the law will be subject to a fine.  

Since May 1, 2010, smoking has been banned in Switzerland in enclosed spaces when they are open to the public or serve as a workplace for more than one person. Smoking is banned in restaurants, public buildings and offices as well as on public transport. Smoking is permitted in separate smoking rooms, outdoors and in private homes.  

Home to the global headquarters of Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco International, Switzerland has historically lagged behind its neighbors in anti-smoking legislation, but that is starting to change.

In 2022, Swiss voters approved a referendum limiting tobacco and e-cigarette advertising.