• December 4, 2023

Firms Hiked Prices Without Consultation

 Firms Hiked Prices Without Consultation
Photo: Skórzewiak

Jordanian Minister of Industry and Trade, Yousef Al-Shamali, has accused tobacco companies of raising prices without government consultation, according to reports Jordan News citing Al-Mamlaka TV.

The minister said that the government would examine the production costs of the tobacco industry and use legal tools if necessary. Meanwhile, the Income and Sales Tax Department has confirmed that no new taxes will be imposed on any commodity or service, including tobacco, as part of the government’s policy not to raise taxes and financial burdens on citizens.

Jordanians have been complaining about rising tobacco product prices despite government assurance that taxes will not be raised and no new taxes will be imposed.

Dirar Al-Harasees, chairman of the financial committee in the lower house, expressed surprise by the hike as well, calling on the government to clarify the reason behind the increase and questioning who decided to raise the prices. 

Manufacturing companies are not authorized to raise prices unilaterally without approval of the House of Representatives to impose new taxes, according to Harasees.