• June 19, 2024

Tobacco Industry Gathers in Bologna

 Tobacco Industry Gathers in Bologna

The TABEXPO trade exhibition opened May 10 in Bologna, welcoming representatives of tobacco companies and their suppliers from around the world.

According to Tony Crinion, managing director of Quartz Business Media, the first day of the show exceeded expectations in terms of both visitors numbers and visitor quality.

Interest in the event, he said, was driven by the industry’s relentless focus on innovation, which has resulted in a compelling portfolio of products and services. Crinion also credited Bologna as a location for the event. The region is home to many tobacco-related businesses and continues to attract new tobacco investments, such as Philip Morris International’s state-of-the-art heated-tobacco factory and BAT’s innovation hub.

Quarts Business Media’s global portfolio of industry events, including its shisha and vape exhibitions, have all been performing equally well, according to Crinion, who again credited the industry’s innovation for the widespread interest.

In addition providing to a platform to showcase new products and services, TabExpo 2023 also featured a thought-provoking Congress during which experts shared their insights into the latest industry trends and developments.