• May 22, 2024

Portugal to Further Restrict Public Smoking

 Portugal to Further Restrict Public Smoking
Photo: sezerozger

The government of Portugal plans to ban smoking near schools and hospitals, as well as in covered outdoor seating areas, reports Channels TV. The law would also prohibit smoking in all indoor spaces, including areas currently set aside for smokers in cafes. In addition, venues would not be allowed to sell tobacco products in the covered locations.

The European Commission intends to decrease tobacco use in the 27-country bloc, which includes Portugal, to less than 5 percent of the population by 2040. 

“With this law, we hope that young people can live in an environment without tobacco, reduce the incentive to smoke and allow smokers to overcome their addiction,” Health Minister Manuel Pizarro was quoted as saying on May 11.

“Our objective is to have a generation living without tobacco by 2040… this law is in line with the EU’s anti-tobacco stance, but we wish to go further,” he added.

In addition to the recently announced measures, the government wants to require manufacturers to print health warnings on new nicotine products, such as e-cigarettes.

In 2019, 13,500 Portuguese dies from tobacco-related diseases, according to Lisbon.