• July 12, 2024

Innovator to Harness AI for Tobacco

 Innovator to Harness AI for Tobacco
Ryan Selby | Photo: Poda Holdings

Generative AI Solutions Corp. intends to build a large language model (LLM) dedicated to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for the tobacco industry. For this purpose, it has incorporated a new subsidiary called GenAI Tobacco. The company intends to launch the LLM tobacco product under the brand name Tobacco Titan.

Tobacco Titan aims to provide AI-powered information about products, marketing and regulations, along with health and safety insights. The product could also make customized recommendations, such as new flavors, brands or smoking accessories that align with the adult user’s tastes and preferences.

“I have seen the need for innovation and data collection firsthand in the tobacco industry,” said GenAI Chairman and CEO Ryan Selby, who previously was co-founder and CEO of Poda Holdings, in a statement.

“Through my various contacts at some of the largest tobacco companies in the world, along with various other industry leaders, I believe we can build Tobacco Titan into an extremely valuable global enterprise system, providing utility to individuals and businesses alike.

“Our goal is to partner with certain companies in the tobacco industry that have access to various proprietary datasets which will give Tobacco Titan a competitive advantage based on the uniqueness of the data that is not generally available on the internet. We plan on working with our partners Metachain Technologies. to facilitate the development of Tobacco Titan and will finalize our arrangement with them in the coming weeks.”