• April 24, 2024

Clinical Data on Vuse Illustrates Beneficial Public Health Impact

 Clinical Data on Vuse Illustrates Beneficial Public Health Impact
Image: Tobacco Reporter archive

New results from one of the largest ever vapor product studies, which analyzed BAT’s flagship vapor brand Vuse, have been published in the journal of Internal and Emergency Medicine, reports BAT.

The study compared clinical measurements from exclusive Vuse consumers with smokers. The results of the study show that participating Vuse consumers had favorable differences in biomarkers of exposure and biomarkers of potential harm relevant to smoking-related diseases when compared to smokers. 

Vuse users have shown significantly lower biomarkers of exposure for priority cigarette smoke toxicants as defined by the World Health Organization. The data also showed favorable differences between Vuse consumers and smokers across all biomarkers of potential harm measured, with three being statistically significant.

James Murphy, director of research and science at BAT, said, “Vaping continues to grow in importance as adult smokers seek reduced-risk alternative nicotine products. That is why these results are so important for Vuse, BAT and consumers, as they allow us to better understand the positive real-world impact of vaping compared to smoking. The research shows a clear difference between those using Vuse compared to smokers and reinforces the reduced-risk potential and role of vapor in tobacco harm reduction.”

In an opinion piece published by Tobacco Reporter, Murphy elaborated on the significance of the study to tobacco harm reduction.