• June 16, 2024

Filtrona Launches Plastic-Free Filter

 Filtrona Launches Plastic-Free Filter
Image: Filtrona

Filtrona launched its latest plastic-free innovation, ECO Tube Triple Carbon Filter, at TabExpo in Bologna May 10-11, 2023.

According to Filtrona, the ECO Tube Triple Carbon is a patent-pending sustainable plastic-free filter design that offers similar nicotine delivery to current filters, with a unique end visual and clean post-smoking.

The ECO Tube Triple Carbon Filter meets EU Single Use Plastics Directive requirements, is biodegradable and, based on internal studies, degrades more rapidly than filters constructed with cellulose acetate, attaining 90 percent biodegradation in 90 days. With a similar nicotine delivery as the acetate version of Tube Triple Carbon, its carbon loading capability is up to four times higher compared to existing impregnated carbon paper, according to Filtrona.

ECO Tube Triple Carbon Filter offers cigarette manufacturers an extensive array of customizable designs in various lengths, circumferences, pressure drops, carbon types, carbon sizes and configurations for ECO Tube combined segments, with each construction designed to enhance a particular brand and suit customer taste and filtration requirements.

“With sustainability at the heart of our business, we are committed to developing more renewable, degradable and sustainable products,” said Filtrona CEO Robert Pye.

The Bologna event was the first TabExpo show for the newly rebranded Filtrona, which adopted its former name earlier this year. Tobacco Reporter published an in-depth report about Filtrona’s rebranding in its March 2023 issue.