• May 26, 2024

ANDS Creates 99 Percent Recyclable Vape

 ANDS Creates 99 Percent Recyclable Vape
Fadi Maayta | Image: Tobacco Reporter archive

ANDS has created a disposable vape that is 99.29 percent recyclable, according to Waste Experts, reports UKVIA.

Slix is constructed of an outer casing made of 100 percent recyclable high-grade cardboard with a biodegradable silicone mouthpiece and end piece.

“While the analysis carried out by Waste Experts suggests that our single-use vape is highly recyclable, we will continue to work toward zero waste,” said Marina Murphy, senior director of scientific and medical affairs at ANDS. “We aim to build a high rate of recyclability into all our products by using high-quality recyclable materials and simple construction that allows for highly efficient dismantling. This contributes to a fast, efficient overall recycling process, which reduces waste management costs. This in turn helps to keep product prices competitive, creating a win-win for the environment and adult consumers who value our products.”

“We’re very much on a journey, and by the end of this year, we hope to launch a 100 percent recyclable and recoverable version of Slix, which will reduce the tonnage of waste going to landfill even further,” said Fadi Maayta, president of ANDS. “If these single-use vapes are restricted or banned over environmental fears as is being talked about in some circles—smokers could lose what many believe to be a very convenient, accessible and compelling alternative to conventional cigarettes.”

ANDS is partnering with Waste Experts to create a recycling program.