• May 19, 2024

David Paton Joins Philter

 David Paton Joins Philter
David Paton

David Paton, the former head of global open innovation at BAT, has joined Philter as the company’s chief innovation officer. Paton became a member of the Philter science and strategic advisory board in September 2022.

As the company’s chief innovation officer, he will play a key role working with the company’s co-founder and CTO, John Grimm, to advance the company’s next-generation technologies. During his time at BAT, Paton served in several senior innovation roles, including head of product development for tobacco-heating products, head of global discovery and head of global open innovation. Paton has extensive experience in product strategy, product development and new-to-world innovations gained from his career at BAT and previously Kimberly-Clark.

“From the moment I saw the latest technological developments at Philter, I immediately recognized how the company will materially change the way consumers smoke and vape, making it less risky for everyone,” said Paton in a statement. “Philter has undoubtedly created game-changing technology that will change the cannabis and nicotine consumption landscape.”

“We were very excited when David Paton joined our science and strategic advisory board and thrilled that he will be joining Philter as the company’s chief innovations officer. His role will be key to shoring up more of our IP and helping the company reach its innovation goals. David will also support product development to launch the industry’s first vaping/smoking device for organic substrates with Philter patented filtration to eradicate secondhand smoke,” said Christos Nicolaidis, Philter CEO.