• May 22, 2024

Max Ceramic Coil and Topower Show in Dubai

 Max Ceramic Coil and Topower Show in Dubai

FEELM, the subsidiary of the world’s largest atomization technology company, Smoore, exhibited two innovations that have been developed to “raise product performance” across the disposable vape category during an industry event in Dubai.

The FEELM Max’s ceramic coil and Topower battery technology were created as part of a targeted effort to ‘level up the single-use sector’ and enhance consumer experience, according to a press release.

The pioneering advancements both earned attention from the industry and are already appearing in devices from globally recognized brands.

FEELM says each was designed to address a “pain point” of the industry.

FEELM Max’s ceramic coil has done away with super-absorbent cotton to reduce the amount of e-liquid that goes to waste and increase the puff count of TRPR- and TPD-compliant 2ml disposables in the UK by as much as 30 percent – a rise from 600 to at least 800 puffs.

It also reduces impurities by 78 percent during the heating process, produces air particles that are 55 percent smaller than mainstream solutions and uses a “constant power engine” that provides a vapor consistency of 95 percent and a 35 percent improvement in taste consistency.

The second notable innovation is FEELM’s Topower battery technology. This breakthrough increases the endurance of large e-liquid capacity vapes and can provide over 6,000 puffs without needing to recharge, which allows consumers to get rid of the hassle of charging.

Further, the compact power solution – which offers 30 percent more capacity – delivers a consistent output which FEELM says will counter the common issue of flavor reduction caused by voltage drop.

Topower also promises a longer shelf life, with 1 percent power attenuation over six months and 3 percent power attenuation over a year. This advancement effectively avoids the burning taste and assures a strong consistency of flavor.

Speaking on the developments, Rex Zhang, assistant president at FEELM, said the company prides itself on being the brand behind the brands and its technology has become to vaping what Intel Core processors are to laptops.

“We aim to elevate the disposable category to a whole new level through innovation– our ceramic coils and Topower battery solution represent two significant successes on this front,” he said, adding that technology will be a “critical metric” on which to measure the winners and losers of the industry moving forward. “The vape category is fuelled by the desire to help adult smokers switch away from cigarettes – but it is built on innovation.”