• June 19, 2024

22nd Century Produces Homogenized Leaf

 22nd Century Produces Homogenized Leaf
Image: Tobacco Reporter archive

22nd Century Group has successfully produced homogenized tobacco leaf (HTL) sheet using VLN reduced-nicotine content tobacco, demonstrating a reduced-nicotine content pathway for additional large markets, such as heat-not-burn products, and as the binder or wrapper for machine-made cigars.

“It’s time for the industry to offer adult smokers a true alternative to highly addictive nicotine products in every format,” said John Miller, president of tobacco products for the company, in a statement. “HTL is critical to the fast-growing heat-not-burn product category, where a VLN 95 percent reduced-nicotine content HTL would be a compelling alternative to the nicotine-laden tobaccos commonly used in these products. HTL is also commonly used as the binder and wrapper in the high-volume cigar market due to its greater mechanical resistance and uniformity as compared to whole tobacco leaves.”

“Conventional tobacco products still seek to create and sustain nicotine addiction to generate sales,” said James A. Mish, CEO. “Even alternatives to conventional smoking products, such as vaping and e-cigarettes, perpetuate sales through nicotine addiction rather than giving consumers a real choice. 22nd Century wants to provide a true alternative that allows users to take control of their consumption habit once and for all by breaking the chains of nicotine addiction.”

VLN HTL sheet product could be manufactured and sold as a raw material input or produced under license for companies interested in offering reduced-nicotine content and nonaddictive products.