• April 23, 2024

Smoore Introduces Power Alpha to Dubai

 Smoore Introduces Power Alpha to Dubai
Credit: Smoore

The world’s leading global atomization technology company, Smoore, premiered its new disposable solution, Power Alpha, at the World Vape Show 2023 in Dubai (June 21st – 23rd).

Power Alpha debuted at the TPE 2023 in Las Vegas, where it garnered widespread attention and praise for its unprecedented features and advanced technology. This time in Dubai, Power Alpha again overwhelmed company leaders, distributors, and dealers in the vaping industry with its four transformative features: no charge, no burn, no fade, and convenience of use.

Power Alpha is a charge-free solution for large-puff disposable devices that solve issues disposable vape users face, including short battery life, charging inconvenience, and fading flavor and a burning taste after recharging, according to a press release.

“These unique features of Power Alpha have fueled the market success of some major players in the vaping industry in North America, as it allows these companies to receive a flood of positive consumer feedback,” the release states.

What makes Power Alpha a game changer are two patented technologies – a Topower battery and a Corex atomizer.

Common charge-free vapes usually offer 2500~3000 puffs with a battery capacity of 950 mAh. But disposables employing Topower deliver twice as many puffs and have a large capacity of 2000 mAh, with the battery sizes remaining almost unchanged.

The large 2000 mAh capacity supports an uninterrupted 6000-puff vaping experience means consumers do not need to recharge and look for their charging cables midway through the vaping. In addition, this battery technology also ensures stable output throughout its life.

Corex atomizer technology takes the vaping experience to a whole new level with its upgraded mesh coil. Eco-Mesh, which is eco-processed and pollution-free, brings a consistent and mouthful taste due to the 200 percent increase in the precision of the mesh structure and the 50 percent faster heating speed.

Corex’s patented cotton design increases the e-liquid conductivity by 15.8 percent and improves the e-liquid absorption by 23.5 percent, making the atomization more powerful and efficient.

Another notable design is the F1 airflow, which brings consumers a clean vaping experience by improving the smoothness by 30 percent and eliminating the condensation by 100 percent.

Power Alpha, a groundbreaking solution developed by Smoore over the past two years, not only retains the convenience of non-rechargeable disposables but also increases the number of puffs to 6000, which offers an exceptionally cost-effective option to consumers.