• May 26, 2024

Tanzania Bank Pledges to Support Farmers

 Tanzania Bank Pledges to Support Farmers
Image: Tobacco Reporter archive

Tanzania’s CRDB Bank promised to continue improving agriculture financing, reports The Citizen.

The bank has loaned TZS129 billion ($53.6 million) to tobacco farming from January 2023 to June 2023.

“We recognize that agriculture is the backbone of our national economy, and we have dedicated significant efforts to support it, including our successful Fahari Kilimo account with numerous benefits,” said Xavery Makwi, CRDB’s director of credit, at the opening ceremony of the bank’s new branch in Igunga. “This branch will be the gateway to economic opportunities for the people of Igunga, helping them improve their income.”

“Many residents of this district depend on agriculture, so the opening of this branch will enhance productivity if more people can access loans with low interest rates below 10 percent provided by CRDB Bank,” said Ambassador Batilda Burian, Tabora regional commissioner.