• April 23, 2024

Topower Brings More Puffs and Better Battery

 Topower Brings More Puffs and Better Battery

A new disposable vape battery solution was showcased during the World Vape Show Dubai, held from June 21-23.
The pioneering power technology developed by FEELM, a subsidiary of the world’s largest atomization technology company Smoore, is intended for markets that allow higher puff counts and has been designed to increase the endurance of single-use devices.

When compared to mainstream batteries, the new Topower offers 30 percent more capacity with the battery size remaining unchanged and can deliver over 6,000 puffs without needing to be recharged.

Topower also provides a constant power output that reduces the loss of taste caused by voltage drop.

FEELM says the new innovation also boasts the “longest shelf life in the industry,” according to a press release, promising just 1 percent power attenuation over six months and 3 percent over a year – which the brand says is 1/10th the level seen in traditional batteries.
“This is our new battery technology customized for higher puff disposable vape, with large puff vaping without charging, ultimate-low discharge, ultimate-high energy density,” said Rex Zhang assistant president of FEELM. “The end goal for our industry is to create a smoke-free future and unburden adults from the harms of deadly cigarettes – technology is going to play a leading role in achieving this.”

Zhang said the no-charge element of Topower was beneficial not just for brands, but for consumers as well. He said the battery solution eradicates the need for additional charging cables, which eliminates the necessity for internal charging devices and consequently saves on production costs.

He also said consumers would no longer need to “worry about when and where they could next plug their disposable, which can reduce user anxieties and create a more convenient vaping experience,” according to the release.

Topower has been incorporated into two solutions – FEELM Max’s ceramic coil disposable solution and Power Alpha‘s mesh coil solution.

FEELM Max and Power Alpha have already been extensively commercialized and have achieved considerable success in multiple countries.