• April 17, 2024

JT Launches New Infused Tobacco Device

 JT Launches New Infused Tobacco Device
Photo: JT

Japan Tobacco is launching a new brand named “With” and a new device named “With 2” for infused tobacco capsules in Japan this summer, the company announced on its website.

The company will discontinue its Ploom TECH, Ploom TECH + and Ploom TECH + With infused tobacco capsule devices, which are only in Japan. They will be available until stocks are sold out.

Ploom X, which is a device for heated tobacco sticks, is unaffected by this announcement and will continue to be sold and rolled out in a number of markets including Japan.

JT says it remains committed to investing in reduced-risk products. The company competes in the heated-tobacco segment with its Ploom brand and participates in the e-cigarette market with its Logic brand.

The discontinued devices