• July 12, 2024

Cheryl Olson

 Cheryl Olson

Cheryl K. Olson is a California-based public health researcher who specializes in behavioral health issues and consults on tobacco product behaviors via McKinney Regulatory Science Advisors. She spent 15 years on the faculty of Harvard Medical School. In this section we feature a selection of Olson’s contributions to Tobacco Reporter

Cheryl Olson

Read a selection of work from Tobacco Reporter’s special contributor Cheryl Olson.

Unlikely Bedfellows

How free-flowing data streams can help advance public health goals for nicotine products.

The Credibility Gap

What industry scientists wish they could say to public health researchers about their work.

Gold Nuggets

Willie McKinney and Cheryl Olson share their insights into the FDA’s final PMTA rule