• February 28, 2024

ITC Plans To Spin off Hotel Business

 ITC Plans To Spin off Hotel Business
Timon Schneider/Wirestock

ITC plans to spin off its hotel business, separating it from its cigarettes and food units. The company intends to retain a 40 percent stake in the new entity, with ITC shareholders holding the rest.

At its July 24 meeting, the board noted that the ITC’s hotels business has matured and is well positioned to chart its own growth path as a separate entity in the fast-growing hospitality industry with sharper focus on the business and an optimal capital structure, while continuing to leverage ITC’s institutional strengths, brand equity and goodwill.

According to the board, the demerger will help the new entity in attracting appropriate investors and partners whose investment strategies and risk profiles are aligned more sharply with the hospitality industry.

Driven by strong macroeconomic fundamentals and the Indian economy’s strong growth prospects, the Indian hospitality industry is expected to witness rapid growth going forward.

“The proposed demerger of the hotels business is testament to the company’s commitment to creating sustained value for stakeholders,” said ITC Chairman Sanjiv Puri in a statement. “Creation of a hospitality focused entity will engender the next horizon of growth and value creation by harnessing the exciting opportunities in the Indian hospitality industry.”

ITC’s largest revenue contributor is its consumer goods business, led by cigarettes.