• April 21, 2024

JT Launches ‘With 2’

 JT Launches ‘With 2’
Image: Japan Tobacco

Japan Tobacco has launched With 2, its new infused tobacco vapor device, under the company’s respective new brand, With. It will be sold at convenience stores and tobacco stores in Japan beginning Sept. 5, 2023, and will be available for presale online from Aug. 7, 2023.

With 2 is the first device of the new infused tobacco brand With. It features JT’s unique infused technology, which generates vapor while an atomized liquid passes through a capsule containing granulated tobacco.

Since tobacco vapor is generated the moment it’s inhaled, there is no delay in delivery, JT explained in a press note. There is almost no tobacco smoke smell with the product since tobacco leaves are not directly heated. The device is equipped with a dual mode that allows consumers to switch between two heating modes at the touch of a button. The high mode produces 1.3 times more vapor than the normal mode, delivering a more intense flavor experience, according to JT.