• June 19, 2024

New BAT Boss Calls for ‘Better’ Vaping Rules

 New BAT Boss Calls for ‘Better’ Vaping Rules
Image: Tobacco Reporter archive

The newly appointed head of BAT has urged governments to apply “better regulations” toward vaping products and other tobacco alternatives.

Tadeu Marroco told the Financial Times that BAT is “very keen” to work with regulators to address problems such as underage vaping and the environmental impact of e-cigarettes.

“We need to have better regulations. We cannot ignore the benefit of migrating smokers out of cigarettes, but being unregulated, we have issues related to youth access and the environment,” Marroco said.

“The problem is that this is a phenomenon that has grown so fast, and the regulators are always catching up. But there are clearly opportunities for us to improve the level playing field.”

Since Marroco took the helm in May of this year, there has been an increased push around the globe to restrict flavored e-cigarettes, due in part to advice from anti-nicotine groups and the World Health Organization. IndiaThailand and Argentina have all banned vaping products.

U.K. National Health Service guidelines suggest vapes can help people stop smoking, although they also state that the activity “is not completely risk-free.” The government said in April that it would offer 1 million smokers vape starter kits. Selling vapes to under-18s is illegal.