• July 15, 2024

ALD launches Fresor B8000 X1

 ALD launches Fresor B8000 X1
Photo ALD

ALD has launched the Fresor B8000 X1, disposable vape that offers 8,000-puffs and several customization options.

According to its manufacturer, key features include:

  • A digital display screen that keeps track of e-liquid and battery levels;
  • A CMF design that offers elegance and innovation;
  • A smart dual mesh coil that provides consistent flavor throughout the devices lifespan;
  • Original equipment manufacturer and original design manufacturer versions are
  • also available with custom flavors, several nicotine levels (0/1/2/5 percent) and branded packaging.

“The Fresor B8000 X1 promises an elevated vaping experience,” ALD wrote in a press note announcing the launch. “Its digital display, unique design, Fresor MAX technology, and customization options cater to vapers worldwide. Embrace the future confidently, knowing each puff is enhanced by intelligent technology. For experienced vapers seeking innovation or newcomers exploring vaping, the Fresor B8000 X1 offers an indulgent journey of vaping pleasure.”