• May 21, 2024

Official Accused of Promoting Tobacco

 Official Accused of Promoting Tobacco
Image: Tobacco Reporter archive

Moses Kuria, Kenya’s trade cabinet secretary, has been accused by tobacco control lobby groups of promoting tobacco use, according to 2Firsts.

Kuria met with BAT representatives regarding the company opening a manufacturing facility in Kenya for tobacco-free oral nicotine pouches.

Lobbyists led by the Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance (KETCA) criticized Kuria for the meeting, accusing him of undermining efforts to control tobacco use. They alleged that the meeting violated regulations regarding interactions between public officers and the tobacco industry. The activists are concerned that Kuria’s support may diminish efforts to curb tobacco use and move farmers away from tobacco growing.

Following the meeting, Kuria expressed support for the tobacco industry on Twitter.

The tobacco industry contributes about 1 percent to Kenya’s GDP.