• May 21, 2024

Cuban Tobacco Protected from Rain

 Cuban Tobacco Protected from Rain
Image: Tobacco Reporter archive

Cuban tobacco growers have taken measures to protect their harvested tobacco from heavy rainfalls in the wake of a tropical storm in the Caribbean, according to Prensa Latina.

Leaf totaling 18,000 tons has been distributed in warehouses and selected from different territories, and around 1,000 tons remain in farmers’ natural curing houses with proven protection conditions, according to Yoel Hernandez, territorial delegate of agriculture.

Osvaldo Santana, a Tabacuba representative, stated that farmers have the necessary blankets to prevent water from damaging the tobacco leaves.

Due to the impact of rainfall, food for consumption is collected, seedbed irrigation is suspended, and work is done on soil drainage to help minimize damages. Seeds of root vegetables and other vegetables are also preserved to help guarantee future crops, according to Hernandez.