• April 21, 2024

Brazil: Most of Crop Already Planted

 Brazil: Most of Crop Already Planted
Image: Tobacco Reporter archive

Brazil’s tobacco crop for the 2023/2024 season is mostly planted already, according to Kohltrade.

Transplanting began earlier this year than in previous years and is being finalized in most of the southern Brazil properties. Farmers are hoping to avoid excessive summer heat and to grow more quality leaf. 

Traditionally, the majority of planting took place in August. Recently, however, farmers have been planting early to harvest earlier to avoid issues created by lack of rain and excessive heat, which have been constant in recent seasons.

The Department of Mutuality of the Brazilian Tobacco Growers Association stated that recurring droughts have forced farmers to start their work earlier in the season. Planting early has risks as well, though, with the potential for some of the plants to die after a winter frost.