• July 13, 2024

Tradition and Technology: Indonesia

 Tradition and Technology: Indonesia
Photo: Ink Drop

In the tobacco industry, Indonesia is best known for its rich variety of leaf tobaccos, its characteristic clove cigarettes and its relative tolerance for smoking; the Southeast Asian nation is one of the few countries that has neither signed nor become a party to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

While those characteristics still hold true, they are increasingly only part of the story, as Indonesia now also manufactures some cutting-edge new nicotine products. Attracted by the country’s rapidly growing economy, young workforce and business-friendly policies, investors have been setting up shop here to supply not only the large domestic market but also other countries in the region.

For example, in January 2023, Philip Morris International inaugurated a factory for the production of IQOS HEETS consumables in Karawang, West Java. Leading atomization companies such as Smoore, have built production facilities, as well. And in September 2023, KT&G announced the construction of a second factory in Indonesia, which in addition to traditional cigarettes is slated to produce heat-not-burn products.

The combination of heritage and forward-thinking makes Indonesia a market to watch.

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Home to a number of tobacco varieties, Indonesia is among the world’s most diverse leaf origins.