• April 13, 2024

22nd Century Increases VLN Availability

 22nd Century Increases VLN Availability

22nd Century Group’s VLN reduced-nicotine content cigarettes are now available at more than 1,200 drug store locations across Texas, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Georgia. With this most recent addition, VLN is available in more than 4,000 stores across 16 states compared with approximately 1,100 stores on July 1.

“We are excited to launch the first drug store chain selling our FDA [Food and Drug Administration]-authorized VLN tobacco harm reduction products, adding 1,200 stores across five key state markets to our growing roster of convenience store points of sale,” said John Miller, interim CEO of 22nd Century Group, in a statement. “VLN offers a new, clinically researched solution helping adult smokers reduce their smoking rate and the associated harms of smoking over time.”

“VLN users continue to report an overwhelmingly positive experience in our market research, and most say it has helped them reduce consumption of their regular cigarette brand,” said Miller. “Research with VLN users indicates that while most nonprescription methods of quitting or reducing smoking are strongly disliked, more than 75 percent of VLN users say they like their experience with the product. As a result of using VLN, 80 percent of adult consumers report a reduction in usage of their regular brand, and many want to share their positive experience with other adult smokers.”

VLN is the first and only FDA-authorized combustible cigarette labeled as a tobacco harm reduction product.