• March 2, 2024

FEELM Highlights OS Vape at InterTabac

 FEELM Highlights OS Vape at InterTabac

The latest in vaping industry innovations made its debut during InterTabac 2023, held from September 14-16, as FEELM, a leading closed system solution provider, unveiled its OS Vape in a partnership with OS.

It is the first time FEELM has co-exhibited with its local partner during the world’s largest nicotine and tobacco trade show held in Dortmund, Germany.

OS, a major player in Germany’s shisha product market, recently ventured into the disposable vaping product market.

A representative from the FEELM booth said that collaborating with clients for exhibitions is a new strategy aimed at bolstering the client’s brand presence in local markets.

The FEELM spokesperson said the company intends to continue its co-exhibition format at major global exhibitions, joining forces with clients from various regions in a collective march towards a global presence.

OS Vape introduced a disposable vaping solution that delivers an elevated puff count, cost-efficiency, and unmatched vapor consistency, promising German consumers a rich vaping experience reminiscent of their cherished beers.

The OS Vape uses FEELM Max ceramic coil technology, disposable product the ability to provide 800+ puffs, a more than 30% enhancement in puff count compared to other common disposable products.

This establishes a new standard under TPD compliance, according to the FEELM spokesperson.

“Beyond puff count, OS Vape offers an exceptional vapor and taste consistency of over 95%. These groundbreaking advancements have undoubtedly propelled the vaping industry to new zeniths,” the spokesperson said. “Additionally, the signature transparent e-liquid tank not only alleviates e-liquid concerns but also adds a touch of aesthetic sophistication.”