• March 2, 2024

American Vaping Association Shuts Down

 American Vaping Association Shuts Down
Greg Conley

The American Vaping Association (AVA) plans to shut down operations, reports Vaping360, citing a letter to supporters from AVA President Gregory Conley. The group was an advocacy organization representing both consumers and the independent industry, and it was in operation for almost 10 years.

“While this may be the end of AVA, our common goal remains,” wrote Conley in the letter, “ensuring that smokers have access to safer alternatives. Despite rough times to come, I am hopeful for the future.”

“As many of you may know, back in July 2022, I took on a new role as the director of legislative and external affairs for the trade association the American Vapor Manufacturers (AVM),” Conley wrote. “Since that time, AVA has gone dormant, although I have remained in my position as a volunteer to assist with administrative functions.”

Following the dissolution of the AVA, Conley will continue in his role with the AVM, representing AVM members rather than his more universal spokesperson role with the AVA.

The AVA’s remaining funds will be split into donations to the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association and the Influence Foundation, which funds Filter’s online publication.

“Looking ahead,” Conley wrote, “the vaping industry—and the tobacco and nicotine industry as a whole—face immense challenges, from byzantine regulatory hurdles to billionaire-funded misinformation campaigns. My work with the AVM will continue and is geared toward addressing some of these challenges head-on.”