• May 22, 2024

Health Canada Licenses Nicotine Pouch

 Health Canada Licenses Nicotine Pouch
Photo: Andrii

Health Canada has granted Nicoventures Trading permission to sell Zonnic, a nicotine pouch that can help adult smokers quit smoking by delivering nicotine to the body. The product will be distributed in Canada exclusively by BAT subsidiary Imperial Tobacco Canada (ITCAN).

“This is a first for Canada. No other nicotine pouch has received Health Canada’s authorization. Zonnic will give smokers a new option to help them quit smoking,” said ITCAN President and CEO Frank Silva, President in a statement.

“We all agree, smoking is the cause of serious diseases, and we are committed to reducing the health impact of our business. The addition of Zonnic to our product portfolio is the next step in this journey.’’

Zonnic, which temporarily relieves cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms, is licensed as a Natural Health Product and has been authorized for sale by Health Canada for use as a form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). Zonnic contains no tobacco.

As part of its license application, Nicoventures provided all information required by Health Canada, including a pharmacokinetics study that assessed the bioavailability of nicotine in Zonnic in comparison to other commercially available NRTs. The study showed that Zonnic nicotine pouches effectively deliver nicotine, and are comparable to other commercial brands.

“Canada has a golden opportunity to achieve its reducing smoking rates below 5 percent by 2035. We just have to look at Sweden to see how it can be done. Sweden is about to become the first smoke free country,” said Silva. “This is being achieved by embracing new, less harmful nicotine products and creating a policy environment which encourages smokers to move away from smoking. With Canadian smoking rates at an all-time low, we believe that Zonnic can reduce rates even further, and help Canada get the same results as Sweden.”

‘’I am immensely proud to add Zonnic to our product portfolio that hit the shelves this week in convenience stores and later this year in pharmacies. Offering a range of less harmful products to smoking will benefit our adult consumers and society as a whole,’’ concluded Silva.