• April 21, 2024

Third of Irish Youngsters Vape: Study

 Third of Irish Youngsters Vape: Study
Photo: Timothy Donahue

More than a third of Irish people aged 13 to 16 years old currently vape without having smoked before, reports The Irish Times, citing new research commissioned by Foroige Sligo.

After questioning 900 young people aged 10 to 24, the study found that across all age groups, there is a link between appearing “cool” and vaping. It also found that vaping allows some young people to feel connected to their peers.

Many respondents felt that the marketing of vapes targets young people with a “toy-like” attraction and inventiveness of products in terms of flavor, color, and personalization.

Josephine Lally, an independent social researcher who conducted the study, said she was struck by how vaping served as a tool for participation in social groups.

“It has become a part of their day to day life,” she was quoted as saying. “If you mention conventional cigarettes they’d say, ‘no way, I wouldn’t smoke’. They perceive vaping to be safer and that is an issue,” she said.

To tackle youth vaping, the research recommended consistency in public health messaging and a direct campaign to inform young people and their families about vaping.