• April 18, 2024

JT Launches Ploom X Advanced in Japan

 JT Launches Ploom X Advanced in Japan
Image: JT

Japan Tobacco announced the launch Ploom X Advanced, a new model of heated tobacco device that has evolved in terms of taste and user comfort.

The company believes the new device will play a significant role in its mid- to long-term business strategy.

According to JT, the new device represents a significant improvement over the current model and incorporates advanced features, including:

  • An upgraded heating technology, dubbed “Power Heatflow,” which increases the maximum heating temperature from 295 degrees Celsius to 320 degrees Celsius to provide a richer flavor experience.
  • A new automatic heating function that automatically starts heating when a stick is inserted into the device.
  • Reduced charging time from approximately 110 minutes for the current model to approximately 90 minutes.

The device will be available at convenience stores and tobacco retailers nationwide in Japan starting on Nov. 21, 2023, at a suggested, tax-included retail price of ¥1,980 ($13.22).

Following the launch of Ploom X Advanced, JT will discontinue sales of the current Ploom X model in Japan.