• March 3, 2024

BAT Strengthens Organigram Partnership

 BAT Strengthens Organigram Partnership
Image: weerapat1003

BAT is investing some £74 million ($91.68 million) in its partnership with Organigram and increasing its equity position from 19 percent to 45 percent.

This investment is intended to deepen the strategic relationship between Organigram Holdings and BAT, which has strengthened since BAT’s initial investment and the establishment of the Product Development Collaboration (PDC) in March 2021. The PDC was set up to leverage the expertise of both companies in order to develop the next generation of noncombustible cannabis products.

In a statement, BAT said it has been pleased with Organigram’s performance and continues to be impressed by the careful financial governance of the company. “BAT also remains supportive of the category stewardship displayed by Organigram’s management team, particularly in response to tough market conditions,” BAT wrote. “These factors give BAT confidence that the new investment can position Organigram to capitalize on market opportunities and deliver incremental value for both companies.”

The majority of the investment will be allocated for Organigram to establish a strategic investment pool, intended to be applied for emerging opportunities within the cannabis space to accelerate Organigram’s growth and to support geographic, technological and product expansion. According to BAT, the investment remains subject to customary conditions, including necessary approvals by the shareholders of Organigram.

“This investment bolsters an already strong balance sheet and solidifies our position as a leading cannabis company. In addition, this deepens the strategic partnership between Organigram and BAT, and we look forward to continuing to leverage BAT’s global capabilities and scientific expertise,” said Organigram CEO Beena Goldenberg in a statement.