• July 12, 2024

22nd Century Continues VLN Expansion

 22nd Century Continues VLN Expansion
Photo: 22nd Century Group

22nd Century Group has expanded its VLN retail presence with more than 500 additional locations across 11 U.S. states.

With these latest additions, 22nd Century Group’s FDA-authorized VLN reduced nicotine content cigarettes can now be found at more than 5,100 store locations spanning 23 states, including the addition of Washington, Oregon, Kentucky and Louisiana.

“The addition of over 500 new VLN sales locations has propelled us beyond the noteworthy milestone of 5,100 stores. Our VLN sales presence now extends to 23 states, making VLN available in many of the top markets where smokers reside,” said 22nd Century Group interim CEO John Miller in a statement.

“VLN is purposefully crafted to offer adult smokers a clinically documented tool to gradually reduce their smoking frequency and mitigate the associated health risks over time. We are pleased that an increasing number of adult smokers now have access to this important product if they are seeking new ways to reduce their smoking habit,” said Miller.