• June 19, 2024

FEELM 2.0 Boosts Puff Count

 FEELM 2.0 Boosts Puff Count

FEELM 2.0: Double the Puffs, Double the Joy

Smoore International revealed its FEELM 2.0, the first disposable vape to offer more than 1,000 puffs in 2 mL.

“There is an evident demand for increased puff counts and consistency in taste, especially at a time when the rising cost of living is a constant concern,” said Smoore’s U.K. business director, Thalia Cheng, in a statement. “FEELM 2.0 is our disposable vape solution with the call sign ‘Double the puff, double the joy.’ Based on Consumer Intelligence data, we estimate it can save consumers around £900 [$1.12 billion] annually compared to using standard disposables.”

According to Smoore, the FEELM 2.0 also heightens the actual vaping experience through enhanced vaping consistency and improved e-liquid utilization.

Inter Scientific confirmed that FEELM 2.0 shows marked improvements in both e-liquid utilization and vapor consistency when compared to industry standards. The enhanced e-liquid utilization effectively increases the number of puffs while the reduced vapor variation ensures a more consistent experience, minimizing differences with each puff.

“Smoore’s FEELM 2.0 technology provides consistent uniformity of e-liquid aerosolization over the device life and complies with TRPR 2016 requirements of a tank volume limit of 2 mL,” said David Lawson, CEO of Inter Scientific.