• April 17, 2024

KT&G Recognized for Carbon Neutrality

 KT&G Recognized for Carbon Neutrality
Kim Jeong-hoo, head of KT&G's Yeongju Plant (left), at the award ceremony | Photo: KT&G

KT&G’s Yeongju factory has been recognized by South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality.

Since 2020, the Yeongju plant has actively engaged in reducing greenhouse gases through continuous investment in equipment and improvements in manufacturing processes, successfully cutting down 437 tons of oil equivalent over three years. Moreover, the plant participates in the energy saving technology information exchange program, contributing to greenhouse gas reduction policies and leading carbon reduction activities through ongoing education and promotional efforts.

In 2021, the Yeongju plant acquired ISO 50001 (energy management system) certification. Last year, the plant was selected as an exemplary site under the Korea Energy Agency’s voluntary energy efficiency goal program.

“KT&G aims to go beyond mere numerical improvements, linking our value chain to tackle climate change and lead in reducing greenhouse gases,” KT&G wrote in a statement. “We will continue to generate tangible ESG results and engage in diverse activities connected to sustainability.”