• February 27, 2024

Australia to Ban Imports of Disposables in 2024

 Australia to Ban Imports of Disposables in 2024
Photo: Alexandr Tyeryechov

Australia will ban imports of single-use e-cigarettes in January and all non-therapeutic vapes, including refillable devices, in March, reports Reuters. Importers of vapes for medical purposes will need a permit from the Office of Drug Control, according to Health Minister Mark Butler.

Additional legislation next year will apply the same restrictions to domestic manufacturers.

“These are the vapes that have pink unicorns on them, bubblegum flavoring, disguised in order for them to hide them in their pencil cases,” Butler was quoted as saying.

“This is not a therapeutic good to help hardened smokers kick the habit. This is a good that is deliberately targeted at kids to recruit them to nicotine addiction.”

Around one if five Australians aged 18 to 24 vape, according to government data.

To ensure continued access to vapes for smokers looking to quit, Doctors will be given expanded powers in January to prescribe therapeutic vapes when clinically appropriate.