• April 16, 2024

Malaysia Passes Watered-Down Bill

 Malaysia Passes Watered-Down Bill
Image: PX Media

Malaysia’s lower house of Parliament has passed the Control of Smoking Products and Public Health Bill without the controversial generational endgame (GEG) clause, reports the New Straits Times.

The legislation regulates advertisements, packaging and smoke-free places but excludes a provision that would have made it illegal for Malaysians born after 2007 to buy or consume nicotine products.

Health Minister Zaliha Mustafa said the GEG was dropped due to constitutional concerns. The Attorneys General Chambers had warned that the proposal contravenes Article 8 of Malaysia’s constitution, as it creates unequal treatment before the law between persons born before Jan. 1, 2007, and individuals born after the date.

Critics blamed Malaysia’s U-turn on tobacco lobbying.

Zaliha insisted that any shortcomings in the bill could be improved over time.