• February 27, 2024

SWM Deal Complete

 SWM Deal Complete
Photo: SWM

SWM International has been successfully acquired by Evergreen Hill Enterprise. The company will now operate as an independent privately owned business with its headquarters located in Luxembourg.

SWM International is a leading supplier of premium, highly engineered lightweight materials. The company serves various industry segments, including tobacco, cannabinoids, battery, surface protection, packaging and medical. With a global footprint including facilities in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States, the company is home to nearly 2,000 employees worldwide, including an experienced management team.

“Today marks a milestone for our employees, our customers and our partners,” said SWM CEO Katrin Hanske in a statement. “Leveraging our profound engineering expertise in botanicals and natural fibers, we are dedicated to further advancing innovation in our distinctive products and technologies, all while expanding our manufacturing capabilities.”

The acquisition was first announced in August 2023. Headquartered in Singapore, Evergreen Hill Enterprise is affiliated with BMJ of Indonesia.