• April 17, 2024

Vapers Hoarding Ahead of Flavor Ban

 Vapers Hoarding Ahead of Flavor Ban
Image: fotodiya83

Vapers in the Netherlands have been stocking up on products ahead of a flavor ban set to take effect in 2024, reports the NL Times, citing Emil ‘t Hart of the Esigbond Trade Association.

“You see that the consumers are hoarding as much as possible in the specialist stores,” ‘t Hart was quoted as saying. “Especially the real vapers who had switched over from cigarettes are hoarding.”

From Jan. 1, 2024, stores will not be allowed to sell vapes or fluids with flavors like peach, mango or mint. Only products with the taste of tobacco will be permitted. The government hopes its measure will prevent youngsters from starting the nicotine habit and then migrating to combustible products.

‘t Hart believes the measure will be counterproductive, however. “People who have smoked regular cigarettes before turning to e-cigarettes would then be tempted to go back to traditional cigarettes,” he said.

According to ‘t Hart many vapers have been buying their e-cigarettes online from sellers in France, Spain or China, or at physical stores in neighboring Belgium and Germany.

A legal challenge against the flavor ban, filed by the Esigbond in April, is currently making its ways through the courts. ‘t Hart expects a ruling this summer.