• April 18, 2024

FEELM Launches Charge-Free Disposable

 FEELM Launches Charge-Free Disposable

FEELM, a vaping industry leader in closed-system products, has launched the world’s first charge-free vaping system. The new Power Alpha 2.0 solves the problem of needing repeated charging in the large puff vapes currently popular on the market.

FEELM started developing the charge-free battery technology that can empower large-puff vapes as early as 2022. The previous version of the company’s original Power Alpha technology could only support 6,000 puffs without charging.

The upgrade more than doubles the count to 15,000 puffs, according to an emailed press release.

FEELM states that the Power Alpha 2.0 also solves the issues of decaying tastes in cotton mesh coils, realizing consistently true flavors in every puff.

The Power Alpha 2.0 is equipped with FEELM’s TopPower technology. “Relying on this technology, the energy density of Power Alpha 2.0’s battery cells is 40 percent higher than … products of the same size, making Power Alpha 2.0’s battery cells 40 percent smaller than … products with the same amount of power.

“The extremely low self-discharge rate is another addition to benefits. A 700 percent lower self-discharge rate compared others on the market, which can lead to a longer shelf life and better support customers’ global market rollout.”

The Power Alpha 2.0 also uses a unique Mesh constant power solution, leading to a taste that is 300 percent more consistent than other products on the market, according to FEELM.

“With the substantial increase in the vapor volume and atomization efficiency, Power Alpha 2.0 supports the ability to fully vaporize the e-liquids for richer and fuller flavors, ” the release states. “Experiment data shows that the Power Alpha 2.0 solution’s atomization efficiency has increased by 200 percent along with an increased vapor volume of 49 percent compared to similar products from competitors. The numbers show a very evident advantage.”