• April 18, 2024

Germany Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

 Germany Legalizes Recreational Marijuana
Image: Oksana Smyshliaeva

Germany has legalized possession and home cultivation of recreational marijuana, according to Vaping360.

When the law goes into effect, adults aged 18 and older will be allowed to possess up to 25 grams of cannabis in public spaces and up to 50 grams in private homes. Each household will be allowed to grow up to three plants.

The law could take force as early as April 1 but could be pushed back; the bill must still go through the Bundesrat, the legislative body representing German states, and could be referred to a mediation committee, which would delay final adoption.

Due to European Union concerns, the bill would not allow for sales in licensed dispensaries and pharmacies but creates a plan for nonprofit “cannabis social clubs” that will grow and distribute cannabis to a maximum of 500 members per club. The clubs could begin operations as early as July depending on the status of the bill.

There are plans for another bill that would establish pilot programs for commercial sales in some German cities, according to Marijuana Moment; however, that legislation would need to be reviewed by the European Commission beforehand.

When the bill goes into effect, it will make Germany the ninth country to legalize recreational cannabis and third EU member to do so.

Not all lawmakers welcomed the legislation. Bundestag conservatives have made it clear that if they take power in next year’s election, they will roll back legalization completely.