• July 23, 2024

Hernandez Retires from Altria Board

 Hernandez Retires from Altria Board
Image: Casimiro

Jacinto J. Hernandez retired from Altria Group’s board of directors effective Feb. 23, 2024. Hernandez will continue to serve Altria as a strategic advisor under a five-year agreement.

“We thank Jacinto for his service on our board,” said Kathryn McQuade, Altria’s independent board chair, in a statement. “Our board benefited from his industry experience and financial expertise.”

“I joined Altria’s board because I am inspired by Altria’s vision to responsibly lead the transition of adult smokers to a smoke-free future,” said Hernandez. “I am pleased that this agreement will allow me to focus my attention on helping Altria pursue its vision working directly with management.”

Hernandez is founder and principal of Cummings Consulting and Management. He previously served as a partner and investment analyst for Capital Group and its subsidiary, Capital World Investors.

He joined the Capital Group companies in August 2000 and retired in June 2022 after having spent 22 years covering a variety of industries, including U.S. tobacco, helping lead the research portfolio for one of the largest growth mutual funds in the world and serving in key leadership roles.

Hernandez is a director of Aris Water Solutions. He previously served as a director of Pioneer Natural Resources Co.