• April 18, 2024

Pakistan: Growers Want Control Of Tobacco

 Pakistan: Growers Want Control Of Tobacco
Photo: Taco Tuinstra

Pakistani tobacco growers want control of the crop, stating that the federal government should no longer have authority over it because it is the domain of the provincial government under the 18th Amendment, reports Dawn.

The growers have said that the Pakistan Tobacco Board (PTB) has not looked out for their interests but rather the interests of the buyers and themselves.

“Its officials have played a controversial role and gave importance to their personal interest over the farmers’ interest,” said Khalid Khan, district president of the Kisan Board. “When PTB officials and representatives of the companies remain in league, how [will] the poor farmers survive?”

Azizur Rehman, a leading grower in Maneri Bala village, said that if the PTB and companies gave rights to the growers, it would improve growers’ financial positions and bring more people into the farming profession.