• April 17, 2024

Poland Mulling Ban on Disposables

 Poland Mulling Ban on Disposables
Photo: Yelena Belodedova

Polish Health Minister Izabela Leszczyna is mulling a ban on the sale of disposable electronic cigarettes, according to the Polish edition of Business Insider.

Leszczyna added that she would like to pursue the fastest possible legislative path to such as measure, given that as many as 64 percent young people in Poland had “contact” with the product.

The news comes after the United Kingdom announced a ban on single-use cigarettes in January.

Meanwhile, Poland is preparing to implement the EU directive banning the sale of flavored heated tobacco products. According to local media reports, the regulation may take effect from next year.

The EU directive prohibits the placing on the EU market of flavored heated tobacco products and removes the possibility for member states to grant exemptions for such products from certain labeling requirements set out in EU law.