• April 18, 2024

FDA Urged to Follow the Science

 FDA Urged to Follow the Science
Photo: Pixel-Shot

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) should open the marketplace for electronic nicotine delivery systems to products with varied characteristics so that those interested in alternative nicotine products can access them, according to R Street resident senior fellow Jeffrey Smith.

In a recently published analysis, Smith critiques the FDA’s disregard for the current research on ENDS, diving into new data that he says represents a “tectonic-shift in the academic medicine community” regarding the safety of ENDS for smoking cessation. 

”As evidence grows for the utility of ENDS and other potentially life-saving alternative products, the CTP continues to limit Americans’ access to these products,” writes Smith.

“Though the CTP has received millions of applications for ENDS products, it has only allowed a few to be marketed legally in the United States. Of those that have received marketing clearance, only older closed systems have been approved—with tobacco as the only permitted flavor.”

Arguing that a diverse range of ENDS products available to those who smoke and want to quit is critical to reducing the health burdens associated with smoking, Smith urges the CTP to revise its processes and procedures, and allow more cigarette alternatives on the market. Continued delay by the CTP, he says, will only lead to more unnecessary deaths and disease in the United States.