• June 12, 2024

California Firm Sues Zyn Makers

 California Firm Sues Zyn Makers
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A law group in California has filed a lawsuit against Philip Morris in the state’s Southern District. The Schmidt National Law Group claims that the maker of Zyn is targeting children and young adults with its flavored nicotine pouches.

“Now comes along Zyn the chewing gum, and the common denominator of all these nicotine delivery systems is as far as targeting towards kids, and I’m talking about kids, middle school, high school, younger and younger,” said Martin Schmidt, managing attorney at The Schmidt National Law Group.

Although a person must be at least 21 years old to purchase the product legally, Schmidt says it is very accessible to people younger than 21. The class action lawsuit seeks “damages” from Philip Morris and Schmidt said he would like stricter limits on access to the product, according to media reports.

The case could take years to work its way through the litigation process, according to Schmidt.