• May 23, 2024

ITCAN Launches Zonnic Awareness Campaign

 ITCAN Launches Zonnic Awareness Campaign
Photo: mtsaride

Imperial Tobacco Canada (ITCAN) launched a public awareness campaign about its Zonnic nicotine pouches. The company says it aims to dispel myths and prove accurate, science-based information about nicotine-replacement therapies (NRT) and Zonnic’s potential role in reducing smoking in Canada.

“Our new Zonnic campaign fact-checks what’s being said about Zonnic nicotine pouches and reflects our dedication to harm reduction and our commitment to help reduce smoking rates in Canada,” said ITCAN President and CEO Frank Silva in a statement.

Since Zonnic’s launch in October, anti-tobacco lobby groups and the Federal Minister of Health have targeted ITCAN with accusations and inaccuracies, according to the company.

“Our intentions are clear; we want to help smokers who want to quit smoking, period,” said Silva. “This starts by distributing new and innovative options and by keeping these products available to adult smokers while ensuring that minors don’t have access to any kind of nicotine products, including NRTs. Our position is that all forms of NRT should require proof of age before purchase and be stored at retail in a way that is inaccessible to minors.

“We have tried to meet with Minister Holland. Our door is always open, but he has not returned our calls. We are more than open to a fair discussion, based on facts, to keep NRTs accessible to adult smokers while keeping nicotine products out of the hands of youth. Working together, we can achieve your ministry’s goal, a goal that we share.”